Divespot description : "Westermakelsdorf on Fehmarn"

The route :

From Hambourg please drive on the Autobahn A1 until the end. From Oldenburg (exit no. 10) please stay on the E 47 / B 207 and follow over the Fehmarnsund-bridge. Take the first exit after the bridge left to Landkirchen. Follow the steet over Lemkendorf and turn right in Petersdorf. From Petersdorf drive in direction Schlagsdorf directly to Westermakelsdorf. Follow the street and turn right to the beach and carpark.

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The dive spot :

The dive spot of Westermakelsdorf is more boring than interesting. You can find here marl landscape next to the beach, sandy areas and mostly stony fields. Fishermen like this place when the strong wind comes from west. For divers east winds are the best. Who like to dive far a way from land (half an hour) will find deep up to 5.5 metres. You will find here stones, stones, stones ...... ! With a lot of luk you may find some cods or flounders.A really boring spot !