Divespot description : "Presen on Fehmarn"

The route :

From Hambourg please drive on the Autobahn A1 until the end. From Oldenburg (exit no. 10) please stay on the E 47 / B 207 and follow over the Fehmarnsund-bridge directly to Burg on Fehmarn (second exit after the bridge). From Burg please follow the K49 to Presen.

On the wide grass car park you can change into the dive suit. After changing the clothses you have to walk over the dyke. Itīs good to have a little condition/power for the walk with the dive suit ! One adventure of this car park is the toilet !

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The dive spot :

The divesite of Presen is verry beautiful ! Different ground makes this spot so interesting, like sea-weed, sand spots, marl spots, mussel fields as well as big stones. This area will be used by fishing cutter. So you can see you can find some fish here ! Based on the interesting and different grounds it is a verry thrilling dive spot !