Divespot description : "Dazendorf"

Travelling :

This divespot is only a few kilometers down under Heiligenhafen between Blankeck and Dazendorf. From Hamburg comming you have to drive the Autobahn A1 to the end. At Oldenburg (Exit no. 10) follow this road called now E47/B202. A few kilometers after Oledenburg you have to turn left at the next possibility (in direction Jahnshof). At the circle you have to turn right and to follow the street until the end and turn right. Now you will drive throug the villages Krφί, Altgalendorf and Techelwitz. A few hundred meters behind Techelwitz, at the bus-station you have to turn left in direction of Johannestal. Follow the street. At the end turn right follow through Johannestal. Approx 2 kilometers behind Johannestal turn left into the next small street and follow it to the beach at the end.

Here you will find the nice beach with a small cliff line and car-park for approx. 30 to 40 cars.

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The divespot :

It is a nice divespot next to Heiligenhafen. This spot presents mussel and sand fields. With 6 to 7 meters deepness Blankeck provides good conditions for fish watching and is suitable also for beginners. Here you can find plaice, codfish, pipefish, glass-prawn, shrimp, starfish, shore crabs and several other kind of fish.