Seehundstation at Friedrichskoog

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( I decided not to describe any picture! )

My visit 16.08.2006

My impressions :

At my visit on 16.08.2006 I expected lot of joung holluschik..
Unfortunatelly the joung holluschiks were in small basins beside the trouble of visitors. Visitors will see some long term common seals which are handycapt for a wildlife. The big basin for the log term seals will be doubled at the moment. You can see the seals swimming from side at the surface as well as through some windows under the surface. While feeding the seals you can see some interesting and usefull tricks of the long term seals.

Its an interesting place for kids to watch common seals from near. You will find a big plastic seal for climbing by kids. A large observation deck in form of a buoy shows the whole area. In some showrooms you will find interesting details about seals and marine biology. Additionally there is a restaurant and souvenir shop.

I whish everybody an interesting day.

Seehundstation Friedrichskoog